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2019 Texas State Hanmadang Volunteer Sign Up

Welcome to this year’s 2019 Texas State Hanmadang Volunteers.  We’re expecting another fantastic and memorable event.  Keep in mind from now until our tournament which will be on April 20th at McKinney Boyd High School we will plan and email preliminary mini-meetings to establish cognitive support for a successful tournament.  If you would like to volunteer, you can find a link at the bottom of this information to sign up.  Thanks for your continued support.

My name is Master Julian Vasquez Jr. and I’m excited for another opportunity to be apart of a USTC Texas State Hanmadang! I am writing to ask for your help at the USTCTX Texas State Hanmadang tournament on April 20th at McKinney Boyd High School, 600 N. Lake Forest Dr., McKinney Texas. This tournament is hosted by Vasquez Taekwondo Academy, Sun Lee Taekwondo, NTA and surrounding supporting schools so we need your help to make this day a success!

As a professional business owner/parent, I understand that the thought of volunteering at a tournament can be overwhelming, especially if you have no prior knowledge of the world of Taekwondo competition.

Our Volunteer meeting dates are scheduled for: April 10th, 12th, and 17th at 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Purpose of attending meeting(s) over all scope/outlay of event and time schedule. This will be The Vasquez’s 5th year participating at the Texas State Hanmadang. What we love most about this tournament is the opportunity to get to know other community volunteers’, families and Taekwondo students. It is a day where we come together as fellow Taekwondo schools/family and pitch in to help out anyway we can. We share laughs, memories, and the opportunity to support our local youth!!

If you have any questions regarding our ‘2019 Volunteer(s) Sign-up’ or how you can help, please feel free to contact me by email VasquezTKD1995@gmail.com or by phone at 972-548-8275. You may also register directly at: www.ustctx.org

I look forward to volunteering with you and your family April 20th! See you at the tournament!

Julian Vasquez Jr.
Officer USTCTX State Hanmadang
2019 USTC Texas Open Taekwondo Hanmadang

Volunteer Opportunities
Set up Crew: Friday night from ?-?
Who: All ages, no experience required This group of people will help set up the tournament. Volunteers will help carry mats from the parking lot to the gymnasium and attach them in the correct tournament formation. Volunteers will also set up tables, hang banners, or any other necessary task to prepare for tournament day.

Registration Crew:
Who: Adults and older teens with welcoming attitude. The first stop for participants is the registration table. VTA will have an experienced group that will organize and oversee registrations. What we will need is volunteers to check off participant names, pass out name tags, answer questions about tournament activities (a schedule and details will be provided) and direct participants and families to the gym floor.

Welcoming Crew:
Adults Volunteers in this crew will greet families and participants. They will answer questions ( a schedule and details will be provided) and direct participants and families to the gym floor. The most difficult part of this job is making sure no person enters the gym floor with food or drink. Also, volunteers must check for wrist bands to make sure all who enter have paid entrance fee.

Background Crew:
Adults and older VTA students Volunteers will manage the holding area, or the place where students meet to get organized for competition. Knowledge of belt ranks and taekwondo competition is helpful, but not necessary. Participants of all ages remain in holding sometimes with coaches, but always without parents. It is important that volunteers in this area are willing to give direction but also help participants feel comfortable.

Twitter Crew
Anyone who likes to Tweet’ and is familiar with Twitter! Last 2 years we’ve used Twitter to notify participants of all happenings at the tournament! These volunteers will work with the tournament floor coordinator to get notify participants of what’s happening on the floor and in holding. Also, Twitter volunteers can tweet pictures of tournament action and connect with participants trough hash-tags.

Service Crew
Adults and teens, no experience required. Volunteers in this area will be used for various tasks throughout the day such as passing out Tshirts to volunteers (limited number) and setting up and serving lunch to judges. Volunteers should be flexible and willing to take on any task as it comes up throughout the day!

Tournament Crew
Adults and Teens Volunteers will help escort participants to the correct mat or location on the competition floor. Volunteers in this area will also help manage the tournament floor, making certain the judges have what they need, the parents stay off the floor, and the participants are where they’re supposed to be!

Clean-Up Crew
All ages, no experience required Volunteers in this area will help break down all the mats and load them in trucks so they can be returned to storage. Volunteers will also take down tables, pick up any trash and clean the gym as needed. The more volunteers at this time the faster this job gets done.